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Cryo-Line is the new trend in slimming and figure correction. The system reduces circumference through controlled cooling of the fatty tissue. The treatment is safe, fast, efficient and painless. The results are long-lasting and astonishing!
Cryo-Line is particularly suitable for a number of problem zones, such as the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms etc.  As the blood supply to the fat cells in these locations is often poor, it is often very difficult to achieve fat reduction in these areas through exercise and a healthy diet.

What's more

Another advantage of cryotherapy is that the inflammation levels in the body fall, meaning that this treatment also offers a solution to various other problems. Cryo-Line even deals with stubborn residual fat that cannot be eliminated with any other treatment or workout (other than surgery etc.). In short: Cryo-Line is a very good alternative to surgical fat removal and perfectly complements your body strengthening or slimming treatments.

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Fat cells and cooling

Our bodies process fats as a source of energy. When the fat and sugar intake is too high, the body also stores excess sugar as fat and a build-up occurs. Through controlled cooling of the fatty tissue, the brown fat cells prompt the white fat cells to start burning their content. This causes the adipocytes to implode, resulting amongst other things in the removal of the fat from the cell and shrinkage of the cell. This reaction gives the body a signal to commence apoptosis or controlled cell death.

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The characteristics of treatment with Cryo-Line

  • reduces tissue swelling caused by edema, preventing further injury
  • stops inflammation, which is automatically triggered by trauma, from developing
  • reduces the CRP (C-Reactive Protein)* level in the blood
  • alleviates pain and produces a relaxing sensation
  • ensures better circulation, allowing the body to eliminate toxic substances faster
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More information

More information about Cryo-Line, its products and technologies can be found at Cryo-Line.be.