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The development of our cold system has made it possible for doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc.… to deliver the cold therapy that you know and trust without risk to patients. Cryo-Human cold therapy systems makes this possible with its sophisticated technology.

Cryo-Human researches and develops effective treatments to guide the natural recovery capacity of the human body after traumas, by applying controlled local thermodynamic energy exchange. Cryo-Human combines pioneering and medical research with their treatments. Our treatments are prescription treatments that are user friendly, safe, result in less pain and swelling, less use of pain medication, faster recovery, and shorter hospitalization. Cryo-Human treatments focus on sports rehabilitation, orthopedics, traumatology and pain management.


Why do we choose for this type of treatment

  • to depress the swelling of tissue, which will develop because of the concentration of hematoma. By doing this, no further injury will develop
  • to bring down the inflammation which is inevitable after a trauma
  • to drop the CRP-value (C-Reactive Protein)* in the blood
  • to relieve the pain and to give a feeling of relaxation
  • to increase the circulation of blood so the body has the chance to remove the toxic residues

* What is C-Reactive Protein?
C-reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase reactant. CRP is being produced by the body in reaction to an acute trauma or inflammation.


The technology was developed over 17 years ago to transfer heat away from the body. In Cryo-Human Systems, the heat is transferred from a wrap that surrounds the injury to a - specially developed cooling liquid - reservoir that absorbs the heat and recools the coolant inside the system to keep the temperature consistent. This eliminates the warming problem that ice, cold packs and ice/water circulating systems present during cold therapy.

The Cryo-Human cooling system has an internal cooler that cools a certain amount of liquid. The temperature is controlled by a microprocessor, and can be changed as desired by the patient. The lowest possible temperature is 2°C, which is obtained by the constant circulation of the temperature controlled coolant that circulates through the cooling pads. This liquid is cooled, monitored and controlled by our ingenious system, so the device is very safe.

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