Private labeland partnerships

What's it about?

Utilizing our full "turnkey" manufacturing capabilities, medical, esthetic and veterinary product manufacturers have leveraged the high quality of our precision manufacturing expertise. We provide medical device manufacturers and distributors with Private Label products to sell under their own brand names. We also offer design assistance, assembly services, etc… .

We can develop new products, or adapt existing ones, to meet your market requirements. Whether you need a standard or custom item, outstanding performance and cost effectiveness are part of the partnership. All of our partner solution products receive the same attention to quality and consistency that we give to our own brands.

These are a few examples of our private labels and partnerships:

private label frio horse


Frio-Horse researches and develops effective treatments to guide the natural recovery capacity of the horse's body after traumas, by applying controlled local thermodynamic energy exchange.

At Frio-Horse they combine pioneering and medical research with their treatments. The treatments are prescription treatments that are user friendly, safe, result in less pain and swelling, less use of pain medication and faster recovery.

Frio-Horse treatments focus on sports rehabilitation, orthopedics, traumatology and pain management.

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Inuteq Cryo Cooling Suit


Inuteq and Cool2cure have a partnership in developping a Cryo Cooling Suit.

Inuteq specializes in the design and production of high-end products based on the principle of active cooling by evaporation.

However by using the know-how and technology of Cool2Cure, new opportunities in cooling systems en clothing become available.

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