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r d portable system

Portable cooling and compression system

  • Plug and Play system
  • Fully controllable cooling temp. adjustable between 2°C-20°C
  • System works continually at the set temperature
  • No need to refill/replace solution/ice.
  • No handling after or during use
  • Runs on a non-toxic coolant in a closed loop circuit, no consummation of the liquid only a little evaporation
  • Very good penetration of cold because of the constant temperature
  • Can be applied directly on the skin because of precise control which improves the thermal energy exchange of the injury
  • Safer and more hygienic, as water carries bacteria
r d new housing

Early stage prototype of new housing and software

Cool2Cure is constantly working in improving the user experience.

Our newly developped housing prototype and the integration of new software shows user experience is very important to us.